CCTV Systems

Domestic CCTV systems

Our CCTV systems provide 24 hour  surveillance for your property and also serve as a great visual deterrent for those who may wish to target your home.

There has been a steady increase in recent years in the use of modern CCTV in domestic properties and not without reason.

Your home security system will allow you to view your home live on any television or computer. Some systems can even allow you to access live footage via a smart phone or tablet.

All CCTV systems allow you to review recordings of previous days.

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We look forward to working with you to which would best suit your needs and your property.


From small shops to large industrial sites CCTV is important to any business. It can work as a deterrent to prevent theft as well as record theft on your property. This may aid police in apprehending those responsible.

To aid in risk assessment measures, your CCTV can also provide footage of any accidents or incidents that may occur inside or outside of your property.

Here at T9 Fire and Security we offer wired and wireless systems to cater for all types of property.  All footage can be viewed live by security personnel via any television or computer screen. All footage is recorded and can then be downloaded to a hard drive for viewing at your leisure. 


Some of the latest systems include the option to view CCTV footage on your smart phone or tablet. This is perfect if you have an alarm system that dials to your phone, as  it will allow you to remotely and instantly assess the situation. 

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